We know that customers have choices and we want you to CHOOSE to shop with us!! Providing you with a great shopping experience in a clean, friendly environment plus offering fresh, quality products and great local variety is our goal and mission.  Our commitment to progressive growth for today’s shopper is always in mind. Your complete satisfaction is our daily objective. If your needs are not satisfied, then we are not satisfied!

The Markets are family owned and operated, and community-minded!! We want you to feel that commitment and loyalty when you shop at every one of our locations. We are always ready and eager to serve you.

Our History

Serving the Miss-Lou area since 1969, Supermarket Operations began in Natchez, Mississippi. Today, there are seven store locations in operation: three in the Natchez area, as well as Ball Foods, Ferriday Market, Vidalia Market, and McComb Market.

The journey began when Mr. Harley Loy, who was raised on a small farm in Arkansas, started working as a young clerk at a supermarket chain in Atlanta, Georgia. After Atlanta, he moved back to his native Arkansas and continued in management with another supermarket chain, which ultimately took him to Little Rock, Malvern, Hot Springs, and Hope. Eventually he moved on to an even larger store in Monroe, LA. Soon, his duties increased as he worked in advertising and public relations for eight north Louisiana supermarkets.

The opportunity to buy two stores in Natchez, Mississippi and two in Vidalia, Louisiana presented itself in 1969. Thus, Supermarket Operations was formed in December 1969. This prompted the family’s move to Natchez where Mr. Harley worked 70 hour weeks during those early years … even helping out with maintenance and remodeling of the stores after closing hours.

None of the original locations are still in operation today, but Miss-Lou residents may fondly remember the variety of names utilized by Supermarket Operations stores over the years: Lewis’ Supermarkets, Big Star, Loy’s Discount Foods, Super-Value, Dixie Dandy, Piggly Wiggly, and County Market.

Steadily progressing throughout the years, the company has made major renovations and changes in its storefronts and shopping environments which has included acquiring new properties throughout the decades. In the 1970’s, the company improved the Vidalia location by moving into the former Winn Dixie location west of town … then they bought the Jitney Jungle store in Natchez.

During the 1980’s, Supermarket Operations purchased the Piggly Wiggly on Sgt. Prentiss Drive and built the first price impact supermarket in town, Natchez Market (called County Market at that time). The 90’s saw the addition of locations in Ball, LA, and the purchase of three closed Winn Dixie stores, providing a second Natchez Market and a new presence in Ferriday, LA. In 2009, a new store was built for Vidalia Market, replacing the old “Sak-n-Save” building it had occupied since 2000.

Today, Supermarket Operations operates three stores in Natchez (Natchez Markets 1 and South Side Market – opened in 1985; Natchez Market #2 opened in 1995), three stores in LA (Ball Foods – opened in 1993; Ferriday Market – opened in 1998; Vidalia Market – opened in 2001), and, another in Mississippi – (McComb Market –opened in 2005). Responding quickly to customer’s requests and concerns, carrying a wide variety of products, and keeping up with the times, as well as focusing on a commitment to the communities they service, has been the strategy for success for Supermarket Operations. Locally-owned, the stores help put money spent in the stores right back into the local economy.

“Money spent in our stores is not sent off somewhere else…it stays right here in the community,” says Harley, also noting that his company supports many local causes, schools, churches, and charities and is the community’s fourth largest United Way contributor.

In late 2022, Harps Food Stores, Inc. acquired The Markets from the Loy family. Harps is a 100% Employee Owned company, which operates 143 stores in six states including, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kansas.