Wallaby® Organic Sour Cream 16 oz. Tub

Organic cultured. USDA organic. Made in the Napa Valley with organic milk from small family farms. Flavorful, decadent and versatile. Wallaby is proud to share with you our Organic European Style Sour Cream. Using only fresh organic cream and live active cultures, we craft our ultra-rich sour cream in California's Napa Valley with patience and care - never taking shortcuts. One spoonful of such luxurious taste and creamy texture will have you finding any excuse to pair it with your favorite foods. It's sour cream, refreshingly refined. Our premium organic cream comes from pasture-based family farms in Northern California. Grade A. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Delicious ways to use Wallaby Organic Sour Cream: spread on crackers, pretzels, bread and pastries; enhance savory dishes such as pasta, potatoes, and soups; create delectable dips, dressings and sauces; add creaminess to pies, cakes, frostings, and baked goods.